Screenwriting, creative video concepts, branded content series, social media and influencer campaigns. 

Pre-Production, Casting, Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, and Post Production. 

Recordings, Sound Design, and Audio Post Production. 


We produce creative video concepts to B2C and B2B marketing as well as script already made concepts.


Examples for concepting and screenwriting services are branded content video series, agile social media videos or influencer campaign videos. 


We produce audiovisual content for all different formats and channels. 


For instance, we produce commercials, brand and social media videos as well as TV-series. 

Sound design from feature films to concert recordings and designing sounds for different spaces, indoor as well as outdoor.


We have been producing sound for radio commercials, podcasts, films and dramas.

Sometimes a concept arises from a need, sometimes it arises from an idea. We believe that by thinking and practicing creativity, we create even better concepts. That’s why we at Halla are constantly doing proactive conceptualization so that creativity can flourish.


Image advertorials, social media photography, product photography, and profiles. 


Shoots can be arranged in different locations according to the wishes of the client or at Halla’s own studio.  

With careful planning and efficient pre-production, we are able to consider our client's distribution channels as well as the special features they have. This is important in order to bring the content, target groups, and channel-specific aspects together in a harmonious flow. 

The produced content will always be designed in a context that determines how, where, and by what means the content will be created.




Drawing animations, motion capture, 2- and 3D animation and special effects.



Animations have become more common in video productions and for good reason. They can be used to tell stories or bring out information in a clear and personal way. Often, especially in informative animations, simplicity is extreme sophistication, but sometimes more is more.

Credibly executed, elements, platforms, or worlds added afterwards act as eye-catchers and a strong memory of what is viewed. In this context, only the imagination is the limit.









The credibility of the things seen in the audiovisual production and the resulting emotional responses are greatly influenced not only by the visual narrative but also by what we hear during the scene.

Sound design is often successful when it is not noticed. In this case, the voice specifically affects the human subconscious. On the other hand, sound design may be the basis of the entire production, with the viewer’s attention focused specifically on the world of sound supported by the pictorial narrative.


During the years we have created multiple different social media productions. We understand the affordances of social media platforms from a narrative point of view.  




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